Introduction of Arts Council San Jose 

Arts Council San Jose (ACSJ) is one of the renowned national administrative units for arts, cultural and ideological progress. It’s located by the central square of San Jose City Hall, heart of Santa Clara County, California. It’s building, also known as Le Petit Trianon Theatre is a historic adaptation of the oft-replicated Petit Trianon in Versailles. For quite some time, ACSJ plays an import role in assisting government manage arts business marketing, cultural productions and cross culture exchange programs. With consummate supervision mechanism and long term principles of adhering arts management, ACSJ leads a number of American well-known associations for arts and culture such as U.S Beacon Artist Association, United Association of American Musicians, and United Association of American Dancer etc. As the arm of the government, ACSJ is also an agency where artists could be authenticated by the ACSJ judges and experts based on each individual accomplishment (concerts, showcase, publicities, exhibitions….) it also provides examine services verifying the newest local art works. While achieving national policy for arts and culture industry, ACSJ has been supporting events with different visions and objectives by providing “Welcome” letters, VIPs to give Keynotes at opening or closing ceremonies such as for Beacon – Stanislaus International Music Festival, United – Santa Clara International Dance Festival, San Jose National Music Instrument Festival, Petit Trianon Fine Art & Design Festival, San Jose Short Film International Festival etc. In addition, ACSJ united with state and out-state universities, art research institutes working together presenting activities. It cooperates with arts and cultural alliances internationally prove art works world wildly. As the world getting smaller, ACSJ is open to the world. With the mission of “LEADING, UNDERSTANDING and PROMOTING”, ACSJ authorized few of its subordinate units to recruit international members.