San Jose International World Music  Festival


The Mission of the event is to: Attract outstanding musicians

  from around the world Internationalize ethnical music and to pass and

develop precious music quintessence

The festival is usually held in August.  
San Jose Jazz Festival

San Jose Jazz Festival: 

Started in 1990 as the San Jose Jazz Festival, San Jose

Jazz Summer
Fest has become one of the most popular music festivals

in the West.

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C2SV Technology Conference + Music Festival

C2SV Technology Conference + Music Festival:


This event provide unique insights on a wide range of


technologies and disruptive business models, directly

from some of the leading voices in digital culture during

a time of unprecedented change.


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Silicon Valley Music Festival

Silicon Valley Music Festival:

The Festival aims to enrich and enhance the musical and cultural life

of the Silicon Valley communities by expanding cultural awareness

and deepening music appreciation.

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San Jose International Mariachi Festival

San Jose International Mariachi Festival:

The event is San Jose’s annual Fiesta hosted in the month of

September, celebrating “La Vida Latino” – the heritage, music,

cuisine, arts and beauty of Mexico.

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